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I have added this new aspect of the page, to stimulate spiritual growth and understanding of God and His ways. My hope is that you and I will be able to grow together in love and appreciation for our Lord, through thoughtful consideration of Him. I hope to update this link every Month, and add a guest book so that visitors may respond to the edifying value of the link. God bless you, and may our Lord Jesus Christ be exalted by your lives.

February 1999


The Canon Why the Roman Catholic Arguments for the Canon are Spurious

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Archived Readings


1)Inspiration & Inerrancy January 1999

Baptism & Salvation.

1)Short Introductory Preface May 1998
2)Proper Biblical Interpretation June 1998
3)Sola Gratia (Grace Alone) July 1998
4)Sola Fide (Faith Alone) August 1998
5)The Perseverance of the Saints John 10:26-30 September 1998
6)Holy Spirit Baptism October 1998
7)Water Baptism The Form and Practice of The Early Church November 1998
8)To the Reader December 1998

The Sovereinty of God.

Sovereignty of God in Providence April 1998 .