Systematic Theology

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Many of the following online articles may not inevitably have been written by New Covenant Baptist Theologians. They are included due to the continuity of thought with regard to the specific issue.

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Flame1.gif (21280 bytes) Bibliology, or the Doctrine of God’s Word

Inspiration and Authority

Evangelicals and the Canon of the New Testament by Dr. M. James Sawyer *Highly Recommended*
The Witness of the Spirit in the Protestant Tradition by Dr. M. James Sawyer *Highly Recommended*
Inspiration of the Scriptures as Believed by Baptists by B.H. Carroll
The Divine Inspiration of the Bible by Arthur W. Pink
Sola Scriptura by W.R. Downing
Inspiration & Inerrancy by Dr. M. James Sawyer


How to Interpret the Bible by Michael Gowens

Flame1.gif (21280 bytes) Theology Proper, or the Doctrine of God


The Names of God by Lambert Dolphin
The Doctrine of God by C.D. Cole
The Doctrine of God by J. Hampton Keathley III
The Godhood of God by A.W. Pink

Attributes of God

The Attributes of God by Robert Deffinbaugh
Divine Attributes (Part 1) by R. L. Dabney
Divine Attributes (Part 2) by R. L. Dabney
The Providence of God by Loraine Boettner
The Foreknowledge of God by Loraine Boettner
The Immutability of God by Charles H. Spurgeon
Four Aspects of Divine Righteousness by Fred Zaspel

The Trinity

The Trinity by Michael Bremmer
The Trinity, the Definition of Chalcedon, and Oneness Theology by James White

Jesus Christ

The Preexistence of Christ by James White
The Incarnation by Michael Bremmer
The Deity of Jesus Christ by Michael Bremmer
The Irresistible Christ by Robert Morey

The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit by Roy Davison
The Personality of the Holy Ghost by Charles H. Spurgeon
The Distinguishing Marks of a Work of the Spirit of God by Jonathan Edwards
The Indwelling of the Spirit by George Whitefield
Spiritual Gifts by Fred Zaspel

Flame1.gif (21280 bytes) Anthropology, or the Doctrine of Man


The Image of God in Man by Robert C. Newman
Human Nature by Don Closson

Depravity and Free Will

Does Man Have a Free Will? by Micheal Gowens
The Bondage of the Will excerpts by Martin Luther *Highly Recommended*
Free Agency and the Will by R. L. Dabney
Human Inability by Charles H. Spurgeon
The Freedom of the Will by Jonathan Edwards *Highly Recommended*

Flame1.gif (21280 bytes) Soteriology, or the Doctrine of Salvation


The Five Points of Calvinism by Fred Zaspel
The Five Points of Calvinism by R. L. Dabney
Exposition of the Doctrines of Grace These messages are part of the inaugural ceremonies held at the Metropolitan Tabernacle, London

Sovereignty of God

The Sovereignty of God in Providence by John G. Reisinger *Highly Recommended*
The Sovereignty of God by Arthur W. Pink *Highly Recommended*
The Sovereignty of Grace by Arthur C. Custance


The Bible Doctrine of Election by C.D. Cole
Predestination: Its Meaning, Blessings, Evidence, Implications by George Fletcher


The Atonement by Loraine Boettner
Was Anyone Saved at the Cross? by James White*Highly Recommended*
Limited Atonement by Loraine Boettner
The Death of Death in the Death of Christ by John Owen*Highly Recommended*

Efficacious Grace

Of Efficacious Grace by John Gill
Efficacious Grace by Loraine Boettner
Predestination and Calling by Charles H. Spurgeon


Justification by Christ Alone by Samuel Richardson, 1647
The Doctrine of Justification by Arthur. W. Pink

Perseverence of the Saints

Perseverance of the Saints by R.B.C. Howell
Perseverance of the Saints by John F. MacArthur, Jr.

Flame1.gif (21280 bytes) New Covenant Theology, or the Doctrine of the Covenants


What is New Covenant Theology? by Geoff Volker
Seminar Notes on New Covenant Theology by Geoff Volker and Mike Adams
The Cross: The Heart of New Covenant Theology by Randy Seiver

The Covenants

An Examination of the Presuppositions of Covenant and Dispensational Theology by Jon Zens *Highly Recommended*
Is there a “Covenant Of Grace”? by Jon Zens
But I Say Unto You by John Reisinger *Highly Recommended*
Abraham’s Four Seeds by John Reisinger *Highly Recommended*
The Fullness of Time by Randy Seiver

The Law

New Covenant Theology and the Mosaic Law by Fred Zaspel
The Continuing Relevance of Divine Law by Fred Zaspel
The Christian’s Relationship to the Mosiac Law by Philip Mauro
Crucial Thoughts on “Law” in the New Covenant by Jon Zens
Tablets of Stone by John Reisinger *Highly Recommended*

The Sabbath

Jesus & the Sabbath by Fred Zaspel
Six Views of the Sabbath by John Reisinger
The Christian Sabbath by Daniel Parks


As I Have Loved You: The Starting Point of Christian Obediance by Jon Zens

Flame1.gif (21280 bytes) Ecclesiology, or the Doctrine of the Church


Ecclesia – The Church by B.H. Carroll

Nature or Characteristics

The Nature of the New Testament Church by W.R. Downing
On the Nature of a Gospel Church by John Gill


A Historical Survey of Baptism by Brian Gordon
Believer’s Baptism by Immersion by W.R. Downing
The Doctrine of Baptism and the Distinction of the Covenants by Thomas Patient, 1654
A Critical Evaluation of Paedobaptism by Greg Welty
Communion by John Dagg

History or Perpetuity

New Testament Church Perpetuity by W.R. Downing
A Vindication of the Continued Succession of the Primitive Church of Jesus Christ by John Spittlehouse and John More, 1652
The Reformers and Their Stepchildren by Leonard Verduin

Baptist Distinctives

Baptists the Only Thorough Religious Reformers by John Q. Adams
What is a Historic Baptist by David A. West, Sr.
The Essential Baptist Distinctives by W.R. Downing
Liberty of Conscience by Thomas Nettles

Flame1.gif (21280 bytes) Eschatology, or the Doctrine of Last Things


History of Millennialism by Lonnie Kent York
The Theology of Fulfillment by Fred Zaspel
Jews, Gentiles, & the Goal of Redemptive History: An Exegetical & Theological Analysis of Romans 9-11 by Fred Zaspel
The Kingdom, The Millennium, & The Eschaton A Brief Overview of New Testament Prophecy by Fred Zaspel
The New Covenant in Promise and Fulfillment by Randy Seiver
Why I Believe Eschatology the Way I Do by Orval Heath
Eschatology Lecture Notes by Samuel Waldron

The Israel of God

The Hope of Israel, What is it? by Philip Mauro
The True Israel of God by L.R. Shelton, Jr.
Today’s Israel: Is God on Her Side? by Jon Zens
Paul’s Theology of Israel’s Future by Lee Irons

The Tribulation and Millennium

Daniel’s “Seventy Weeks” An Historical and Exegetical Analysis by Fred Zaspel
The Nations of Ezekiel 38 – 39 Who Will Participate in the Battle? by Fred Zaspel
The Seventy Weeks and The Great Tribulation by Philip Mauro
Reigning with Christ: Revelation 20:1-6 in its Salvation-Historical Setting by Don Garlington

The Resurrection and Judgment

Two Eschatological Propositions by Willard A. Ramsey
Second Coming of Jesus Christ: Rapture & Revelation, One and the Same by Tim Adkins
The New Heavens and Earth by David Pyles

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Other online works on Theology:

Flame1.gif (21280 bytes) Systematic Theology

Manual of Theology, Volume 1 by John L. Dagg
Manual of Theology, Volume 2: A Treatise on Church Order by John L. Dagg
Institutes of the Christian Religion by John Calvin *Highly Recommended*

Flame1.gif (21280 bytes) Specific Theological Issues
Christologia: A Declaration of the Glorious Mystery of the Person of Christ by John Owen

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