New Covenant Theology

Flame1.gif (21280 bytes) Introduction

What is New Covenant Theology? by In-Depth Studies
Seminar Notes on New Covenant Theology by Geoff Volker and Mike Adams
Notes on New Covenant Theology by Geoff Volker

Flame1.gif (21280 bytes) New Covenant Theology

God’s Promise to Abraham and His Seed by John Reisinger
The New Covenant in Promise and Fulfillment by Randy Seiver
The Cross: The Heart of New Covenant Theology by Randy Seiver
The Fullness of Time by Randy Seiver
The Old Creation in Adam – The New Creation in Christ by Randy Seiver
New Covenant Theology and the Mosaic Law by Fred G. Zaspel
Studies in the New Covenant: An Exegetical Study of 2 Corinthians 3 by Rodney Gray
Anabaptists and the New Covenant by David M. Moffitt
The Two Covenants by D.M. Canright

Flame1.gif (21280 bytes) Contrasts with Dispensationalism and Covenant Theology

An Examination of the Presuppositions of Covenant and Dispensational Theology by Jon Zens
Is There a “Covenant Of Grace?” by Jon Zens
A Comparison of Three Systems: Dispensationalism, Covenant Theology, New Covenant Theology
by Donald Hochner and G. Richard Gaudreau

Flame1.gif (21280 bytes) The Christian and the Law

The Christian’s Relationship to the Mosiac Law by Philip Mauro
New Covenant Theology and the Mosaic Law by Fred G. Zaspel
Crucial Thoughts On “Law” In The New Covenant by Jon Zens
“As I Have Loved You” John 13:34 The Starting Point of Christian Obediance by Jon Zens
Tablets of Stone by John Reisinger
But I Say Unto You by John Reisinger
The Continuing Relevance of Divine Law by Fred G. Zaspel
Divine Law: A New Covenant Perspective by Fred G. Zaspel
The Law Established by the Faith of Christ by William Huntington
The Doctrine of Law and Grace Unfolded by John Bunyan
Jesus is the Standard by Paul Thibodeau
Jesus and the Law by Robert D. Brinsmead
Paul, The Law, and Redemptive History by Steven Carpenter
The Law by D.M. Canright
The Decalogue Examined by D.M. Canright
What Law are Christians Under? by D.M. Canright
The Death of the Custodian by W. Carl Ketcherside

Flame1.gif (21280 bytes) The Sabbath

John Bunyan on the Sabbath by John Reisinger
Questions About the Nature and Perpetuity of the Seventh-day Sabbath by John Bunyan
Sabbatarianism Re-examined by Robert D. Brinsmead
Jesus & the Sabbath: An Exegetical Study of Mark 2:23-28 by Fred G. Zaspel
Six Views of the Sabbath by John Reisinger
The Christian Sabbath by Daniel Parks
Are the Sabbath Laws Binding on Christians Today? by John MacArthur
The Nature of the Sabbath Commandment by D.M. Canright
Why Christians Keep Sunday by D.M. Canright
Did the Pope Change the Sabbath? by D.M. Canright
Sabbatarian Positions on the History of Sunday Refuted by D.M. Canright
The Sabbath in the Old Testament by D.M. Canright
The Sabbath in the New Testament by D.M. Canright
The Jewish Sabbath Abolished by D.M. Canright
A History of Numerous Efforts to Revive the Jewish Sabbath by D.M. Canright
Forty-Seven Prominent Texts Used By Sabbatarians Examined by D.M. Canright

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